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The truth about your business

Without clients, you don't have a business. This might seem obvious, but the deeper implication is that attracting the clients you love to work with and love to work with you is crucial to your success... and sanity.

Why Knowing Your Ideal Client Matters

Without a deep understanding of your ideal client, you risk working with people who might drive you crazy, misunderstand you, clash with your values, and, even worse, not understand your working style or lifestyle. This mismatch can lead to frustration (both you and your client) and potentially reputational damage in a poor client experience.

So, how do you avoid these situations? You need to go beyond the basic demographics of your ideal client. Sure, knowing your client's generation (or age range), gender, location, and occupation is semi-important, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. To truly connect with your ideal client, you need to understand them deeper.

Empathy Mapping To Deeply Understand Them

Empathy is the key to building deep, strong, and meaningful relationships with your clients. When you genuinely understand their feelings, motivations, behaviors, and values, you can create a targeted approach with your services to meet their needs and create the impact that you want for your business. This empathetic approach helps you create marketing messages that resonate deeply and attract the right people to your business.

Here’s how to develop a comprehensive understanding of your ideal client:

Pain Points

What challenges are they facing?

How do these challenges make them feel?

What do they tell themselves about these challenges?

What solutions are they currently seeking?


What drives them to seek out your services?

What are their goals and aspirations?

What values do they hold dear?


How do they spend their time?

What are their purchasing habits?

How do they interact with businesses similar to yours?

Learn Their Language

What words and phrases do they commonly use?

How do they describe their problems and desires?

What tone and style do they prefer in communication?

What do they say and feel?

How do they act, and what do they do?

Using This Knowledge in Your Marketing

Once you've worked through understanding your ideal client, you can use this knowledge and language to create marketing messages that speak directly to them!

Building Your Business with the Right Clients

When you focus on understanding and attracting your ideal clients, you create a business that is fulfilling and profitable. Working with clients who appreciate your services, have a mutual understanding of who you are, and align with your values makes your work more enjoyable and your business more sustainable.

If you want to dive into empathy mapping of your ideal client, let's book a 2 hour coaching session to deeply understand their language and the impact of your services on your ideal client and create some rock-solid marketing messaging that will reach them.


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