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Time = Money, so don't waste it on your tech stack

Review your tech stack with Plan and Do HQ

So, you've got one system to do your website, another for your service agreements/contracts, another for invoicing, and another to manage your to-do (and should-do) list... and they probably don't talk to each other nicely, leaving you to double handle your operational and admin tasks.


This, my friend, is a Franken-tech stack. Like Frankenstein, your systems are held together with Band-Aids. And you hope one doesn't come off when you're downing in the work that makes you money.


Take Action To Save Time


Here's a quick 15-minute review you can do on your business to uncover whether you're running with a Franken-tech stack.


Step 1 - List all the apps/systems you currently have in your business. Here are some prompts to help you identify them:

  • Email Marketing - Wix, Mailchimp, Mailerlite, Squarespace

  • Bookings - Calendly, Acuity, Humanatix, Eventbrite, Website bookings

  • Proposals/Quotes - Xero, Dubsado, Moxie, Rounded, Canva

  • E-Signatures - Adobe, PandaDoc, Dropbox Sign

  • Document Storage - Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Computer Hard Drive

  • Invoicing - Xero, Rounded, Freshbooks

  • Project Management (To-do lists) - Asana, Trello, Clickup, Monday

  • Client Relationship Manager - Dubsado, Pipedrive, Moxie


Step 2 - For each of these systems, write down yes or no to the following questions:

  • Does your website's email subscriber collection form directly send the information collected into your email marketing system?

  • Does your booking system and project management system connect with your calendar so you have a single calendar to look at each day/week/month, or do you have to look at each of them to see what's happening and when?

  • Does your proposal system have built-in e-signatures, or do you have to download your proposal to email through another system to get them to sign, or do they have to print and sign your proposals?

  • Do you have documents stored across multiple locations that you have to search each one when you're looking for something?

  • Do you have to raise invoices in your accounting system when someone accepts your proposal or books a service with you?

  • Do you take online payments for your bookings, or does a client have to wait to receive an invoice to make a payment?


If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I'm sorry to say you're running a Franken-tech stack. You could save yourself hours of work by looking at how they work together to make friends or switch to a better system.


We've worked with a LOT of different systems, set up just as many, and trained owners to use them to simplify their operations and save them time and money. Let's chat about your current systems and how to get you clarity and ease in your business operations.


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