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What the heck is a business consultant anyway...

It's no secret that I started my business owner journey as a virtual assistant (VA) before moving into being an online business manager (OBM), then a VA agency—which wasn't for me—and after 5 years in business, I landed on business consulting.

Louise Barkle, Business Consultant on video meeting

But recently, I had an eye-opening moment when a client asked me (on a coaching call) how I am different from an OBM. This got me thinking that business consulting is a pretty murky place full of lots of knowledge, experience, and skills to do a variety of things in business. Often, people (including me) start calling themselves mentors and coaches because people more widely know those terms.


I thought I'd share this explanation of a business consultant that I pulled from It also aligned with articles on 10 other sites that Google quickly found for me.


'A business consultant is an experienced professional who helps companies and organisations improve their operations. Essentially, it's their job to look at a company's current operations and figure out ways they can make changes to meet their goals.


A business consultant is involved in the planning, implementation, and education of businesses. They work directly with business owners on developing a business plan, identifying marketing needs, and developing the necessary skills for business ownership.'


That explanation pulls together what we do in a pretty bow, which is why, when I was searching for a new business name almost 12 months ago, it made sense for it to be Plan and Do HQ.


So, what does this have to do with you?


I'm here to help you understand exactly how our business consulting services can help you reach your business and life goals. Whether you need help with getting some clarity and direction in your business, identifying marketing needs, brainstorming ideas to grow and reach your goals, or learning about systems that can help ease your workload, we're here for you every step of the way!


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