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Growth Game Plan 

Plan, Do and Grow in Business
How would having consistent revenue, raving clients AND the time you want with your family change your life?

...and what if that could be achieved without working 100 hours a week, employing a team or spending thousands on advertising? Would you get started today?

Lou Barkle Strategist sitting on a couch
This 8-week intensive course is designed for online and service based businesses who want to hit their next growth level without sacrificing family time, their values or their client experience.
I help business owners do that by getting crystal-clear on their marketing, funnels and optimise their client experience and systems, so that they can turn raving client's into their best marketing tool and be who they want to be in business and at home.
Work from home
Does this sound like you?
You're ambitious, you're hungry for more clients and more money in your business, but your growth has stalled, you're struggling to work more hours and your family is feeling it... you feel feeling lost on what is going to push you to the next level, how you fit more work into your days and gain back time in your life.

I've helped 200 business owners with the same problems you're experiencing now. Using this proven framework of marketing, funnels and client experience, they've taken their business to the next level, simplified their systems and are making bank on repeat!

Are you ready to do the same?
What you'll get
  • 8 x weekly live workshops starting on Tuesday, 2 July at 9.00am

  • A 2 hour one-on-one strategy session before the course starts to help take action immediately.

  • A website and social media review with suggested updates to reach your ideal client

  • Lifetime access to the recorded sessions.

  • 8 x weekly live direct coaching sessions

  • A detailed workbook to follow along with and write your notes and actions for each module.

  • A guest speaker for the Growth Mindset module.

  • Community of like minded, ambitious and action taking legends in a closed Facebook group.

What people are saying

Juanita Goodlich - JG Accounting + Business Services


'As an Accountant I know what I should be doing but get so caught up working in my business that I sometimes forget to work on it!!

Working with Lou, she has really helped me focus on what I need to do.

I highly recommend her for helping you set goals, focus and remember your why!!'

Juanita Goodlich.png

Leanne Shaw - Reboot Mindset Coaching


'Lou from Plan + Do HQ is my pick 100% She helped me go from overwhelm to 'OMG I know EXACTLY what to do' within 2 hours.'

Leanne Shaw.png

Kristi McVee - CAPE Australia


'Lou is amazing and so supporting. You'll love her!'

Kristi McVee.png

April Phillips - April Phillips Civil Celebrant

'Can't recommend reaching out to the team at Plan + Do HQ enough. Knowledgeable, intuitive & sound advice from wonderful down to earth people!! 🤩'

April Phillips.png
What you'll learn


The foundations of your business and who you want to be as an owner.

Leads + Sales

Build your lead and sales funnel (yes these are different!).

Simple Systems

Review your current systems and make simple changes to save you hours.


Get clear on your ideal client and their language.

Client Experience

Understand how you cultivate raving clients and your best marketing tool.

Growth Mindset

Let's break through mindset barriers with Leanne from Reboot Mindset.

Offer Clarity

Evaluate your current services, and which ones need to be binned.


Identify powerful strategic partnerships and 10x your business.

Weekly Q&As

A live direct coaching session to talk about your challenges and wins.

Hi, I'm Lou

I started my business owner life with On Time Admin as an online business manager. I was passionate about helping small businesses have more time, freedom, and all the things they want - and I'm sure you feel the same way.


I don't have the dream story of building a 7 figure business in a crazy short time... but I do have the dream story of building my business to consistent 5 figure revenue months, having raving clients (which has meant I have never had to do paid advertising - until recently) and it's been on repeat for more than 5 minutes.

I've worked with over 200 business owners in 6 years, and grew my team in 2021 just in time for my son to be born. Since then I've kept growing, scaled back my team and now want want to show you how you can grow big in your business!

Desk with Laptop
The $797 investment that you won't regret!

Places are limited to 15 participants, so be quick to grab your spot before they're all gone.

Monthly and weekly payment plans are available!

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