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Client Experience Coach

Grow your business with
excellent client experiences

I help service businesses grow by aligning their client experience, marketing, and systems. So they don't have to sacrifice family time, their values or their client results.

Join the lounge for the next round of our 8 week intensive business growth program to build your autopilot to more money, more clients and more time with your family.

Hey, I'm Lou

Your go-to client experience coach and simplifier in all things business, marketing, systems and client experience.

I get that a strategy feels like a big task that we don't necessarily need if business is going ok, and that so many of us feel systems shame. But I'm here to get in the trenches of your business to show and guide you to a simple strategy, actionable game plans and easy to use systems, so you can spend more time with your family.

What Our Clients Say 

"I've had such a great experience using Plan + Do HQ! Louise has been so helpful and patient with me and my business ideas, guiding me each step of the way to bring my idea to life. I highly recommend if you are looking to expand your business or make some changes! They're amazing!!!"

Melody Mashhadian

Makeup By Melody + Team

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